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A question you most certainly will ask is: Ok, so I buy a lot from you, will you help me through the process of building a house on the ocean front.  Assist with getting all the permits etc.? Simple answer; Yes!

The reality of Panama.

Panama has had some bad press over the years and I am sure you may have heard some it. What you haven't heard is that the Panamanian people are some of the happiest and most content people in the world.

Did you read one time that the Panamanian people were once voted the happiest people on the planet?

Why is that? well for one they have a remarkable health care system that in some ways exceeds that of the US. Yes, there is poverty but not on the scale of other Latin American countries.


If you live among these simple, honest people and treat them with respect you will suddenly find yourself realising that it is possible for people of widely differing races and religions to co exist peacefully together. 


Panama is not just a place of sun, sand and palm trees, we believe it is a truly unique retirement destination.


Building you dream home.

True, building here is not as rigid as back home but you do need an engineer's plans and you do need permits.

Panama is an earthquake zone so you will need to build with those things in mind.

We have been involved in construction here for over 15 years so we know who are the people we trust to design and build our homes. We have assembled a good crew of trusted workers, that has not been easy.  Our policy is a bit like taken you by the hand and walking you through all the many problems that you could face; Everything from language difficulties and how to deal with the various regulatory bodies, to how to deal with the Local work mentality.


Many of our North American friends have tried some of the latest methods of construction. One thing we do NOT use is wood. Yes in North America it is the back bone of the construction industry, Here it is not used because mainly because of cost and because there are tiny critters here that would just love to eat you literally out of house and home.


There are various forms of seismic resistant materials that have proven their worth over time. 


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